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GREX IS: Karl A.D. Evangelsta-guitar, vox, M. Rei Scampvia Evangelista-keys, vox, Robert Lopez-drums


Grex has been called "essential current-and-future listening" (Tiny Mix Tapes) and "true genre-warping music" (KFJC). Grex is not just "eclectic"--it synthesizes all of its influences into a brand of "art rock" that is truly unique. The band's fun, endlessly surprising sound draws from psychedelic pop/rock (Jimi Hendrix, Cream), alternative rock (Sonic Youth, The Pixies), and modern jazz (Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane).

(long bio) Grex's creative derring-do has led to gigs with other like-minded musicians, including Fred Frith (and his band Cosa Brava), Kronos Quartet, Tony Levin (Stick Men), Eddie Gale (Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor), Scott Amendola (TJ Kirk), Ben Goldberg, Martin Bisi, Vinny Golia, Lewis Jordan (United Front), Moe! Staiano (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), and Francis Wong (co-founder of Asian Improv aRts), and concerts at venues as far reaching as the Great American Music Hall (SF), Slim's (SF), Switchboard Festival (SF), New Frequencies Festival (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF), United States of Asian America Festival (SF), Open Gate Music Series (Los Angeles), In the Flow Festival (Sacramento), Sonic Circuits Festival (Washington DC), and Fire Museum Presents (PA).


Monster Music, 2014
Taglish, 2013

Second Marriage, 2012
Live at Home, 2011

Words on Grex

"[Grex] makes for an otherworldly experience that, while drawing on the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and classic jazz, creates something completely original... The duo'ss sparse vocals can come off as delightfully haunting, a grittier version of She and Him." (Eugene Weekly)

"The musicianship exhibited by the core duo is staggering: Evangelista's wiry facility is drawn from Hendrix, Kaiser, Ray Russell, and Eugene Chadbourne, while Scampavia'ss shaded classicism provides a compelling and robust foil" (Tiny Mix Tapes)

"Evangelista, Scampavia and their compatriots have created an extraordinary document that should not be slept on." (Signal to Noise, review of Taglish)

"I've never heard anything like it... it's one of those sounds that seems to sync with your brain waves and thought-maps, and in the end comes out more melodious than you first think." (Fil Am Star)

"True genre warping music... Personal and heartfelt songs about love lost and found, aspired and realized... All in all a very pretty and very different album, recalling past styles but taking them in entirely new directions." (KFJC)

"The striking thing about this music was its stubborn refusal to eschew any element in favor of another... Each offered with a headlong creative urge that made the unexpected turns and sequences into a joyful expression." (HurdAudio)

"[Grex] takes their cue from farther back, when art-college-gestated bands like Genesis and Henry Cow were musically voracious, ridiculously intense, and technically adventurous." (Foxy Digitalis)

"Grex is a thankful anomaly in contemporary music, merging not only an affinity, but a true love for creative improvised music on par with folk-rock, psychedelia and modern composition... Hopefully Grex gets some love from the indie-rock taste machine, because they are onto something really special." (Ni Kantu)

"The interpretations were much freer, and in particular gave Karl the opportunity to apply his virtuosic guitar style to the music." Cat Synth (review of Cardiacs tribute show)

"It's a body of works that has a life of its own, with a connecting tissue that links it to Erik Satie, the Bloodhound Gang and jazz standards in a way that gently consumes (or is consumed) by the way it veers beyond mere reference at unexpected turns." (HurdAudio)

"...ambitious, quoting Monk and reinterpreting Johnny Mercer's "Autumn Leaves" with crumbly electric guitar and choppy keyboard." (East Bay Express)

Top Albums of the Year, for Second Marriage (2012) and Live at Home(2011), Ni Kantu



2014, Berkeleyside

2014, Examiner

2012, East Bay Express

2011, Memory Select

2011, SF Weekly

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2011, Memory Select

2010, KZSU

Technical Requirements

(will require):
4x SM57 vocal mic + 4x PA input (for both amplifiers + 2x vocals)
2-3x monitors (1-2 for guitar/vox, 1x for drums)

(preferred but not required):
1x drum kit

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